High-Moisture Corn Grinding

Mid-Minnesota Grinding & Mulch can take care of your grinding needs all year around! During Harvest Season, we offer high-moisture corn grinding. At 25-35% kernel moisture, we can achieve 100% kernel fracturing. We can grind at a rate of about 2,700 bushels per hour, and we will work around the clock to get the job done! We can also utilize a Dohrect Enject Applicator, which is designed to apply water soluble inoculants in a concentrated form.  

25-35% Kernel Moisture    |    100% Kernel Fracturing

Other Grinding

Corn Grinding isn’t all we can do. We’ve ground many other materials from alfalfa to corn cobs to brush piles. By grinding, we are able to recycle many materials that would otherwise have been wasted. We’ve made bedding out of variety of materials, such as corn cobs and pallets. Contact Mid-Minnesota Grinding & Mulch today today to see what grinding needs we can fulfill for you!

Grinding High-Moisture Corn

Grinding Corn Cobs into Bedding